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Shiitake Mushrooms


Delicious, Savoury, Fun!

Shiitake Dowels x 400
Includes: 400 Dowels, instructions - enough to inoculate 16-20 logs
Shiitake Dowels x 100
Includes: 100 Dowels, instructions - enough to inoculate 4-5 logs
Shiitake Dowels x 50
Includes: 50 Dowels - enough to inoculate 1-2 logs, one for you and one for a friend!

Product Description

Sought after in any food market and well known for its health benefits. Great flavour and texture especially when grown on your own wood. It has a brown cap and white gills. Grow it from freshly cut logs of deciduous trees such as oak, poplar, birch, beech, maple or experiment with others. Order a prepared log as a great gift or easy project, for when we have them available. Many strains do not work well in NZ or give poor quality mushrooms. It's sensible to make the most of your work by getting the right variety for your needs.