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Oyster Mushrooms


Versatile, healthy, easy and quick to grow.

Oyster Mushroom Starter Kit
The best starter pack! It comes with prepared straw, spawn, protective bags and instructions - recommended for beginners and for anyone that loves mushrooms and getting crops in a hurry. Just add water, soak, drain, add spawn and wait for the action which begins in just a few days! Really compact growing, it grows in a space the size of a shoe box and is easy to set up. Our NZ trials show it has the highest yield, and we show you the secrets to keep the culture going too, a lot of value here!
Ready-to-Fruit Oyster Mushroom Kit
Includes: straw, bags, spawn, instructions - all the work is done, just watch the mushrooms grow.
Oyster Mushroom Twin Starter Kit
This is a double starter pack with 2 x straw bags, 2 x spawn, instructions and protective cloth - one for you and one for a friend! Let us know if you need two sets of instructions.
Oyster Mushroom Master Kit
This kit yields a lot of mushrooms to eat, to give away or to sell with 9 growing bags and everything you need to inoculate your own bale of straw. Expect a yield of 10-18Kg
Oyster Mushroom Gift Pack
The Oyster Mushroom Starter Kit plus the ‘Growing Mushrooms’ Book or CD, let us know which you'd like in the comments.
2 spawn packs- Please use the instructions from your Oyster Mushroom Starter kit with this product.
Oyster Mushroom Dowels x 50
50 Dowels - enough to inoculate 1-2 logs, one for you and one for a friend!
Oyster Mushroom Dowels x 100
100 Dowels - enough to inoculate 4-5 logs
Oyster Mushroom Dowels x 400
400 Dowels - enough to inoculate 16-20 logs

Product Description

The mushroom of choice for beginners and new mushroom growers, for home or market. We can quickly get you growing on logs, straw, coffee waste and wood chips with our fresh spawn bred over decades to suit the unique conditions in NZ. Best of all, you can be picking in as little as 2-4 weeks! Make the most of your work by getting the right variety for your needs.