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Field/Shop Mushrooms


Learn how to grow from the tidy self contained kit, then use the techniques to inoculate your own compost or give the culture to a friend. Recipes included and tips on keeping the culture going!

Field Mushroom Starter Kit
Includes: Growing bag, spawn, protective material instructions.
Field/Shop Mushroom Gift Pack
Includes: 1 Field Mushroom Kit plus the Growing Mushrooms booklet.
Twin Spawn Refill FIELD MUSHROOM
For people who have bought a kit before and would like more spawn. Please use the instructions that came with your kit. Ask for white, brown or one of each!

Product Description

Also called Portobello, Flats, Buttons or Field Mushrooms, they are white or brown depending on the strain and button, cup or flat shape, depending on the stage you pick them at. Freshly picked field mushrooms are sweet, juicy and tasty. Big Brown Flats are great on the BBQ or grilled!