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Oyster Mushrooms are a great mushroom for beginners. The oyster mushroom STARTER KIT gets you growing quickly with our fresh spawn strains selected over decades for good qualities. Best of all, you can be picking in as little as 2-4 weeks! They grow straight from the pack and if you are interested you'll see how to grow more on your own logs (eg poplar, hard woods, willow-avoid cyprus and macrocarpa), straw, coffee waste and wood chips. Kits are available for the beginner explaining how to keep the culture going. Larger packs are for regular crop rotation. All products not just NZ Made, but also 100% NZ sourced ingredients from our local growers and producers

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Oyster Mushroom STARTER KIT

$40.00 Qty:
Includes: Growing bag of mushroom food, spawn, instructions - Users choice, the EASY INTRO, highly recommended for beginners that want a reliable introduction and good yields.

Oyster Mushroom Gift Pack

$55.00 Qty:
Includes: Oyster Mushroom Starter Kit plus Book or thumb drive - ‘Growing Mushrooms’

Easy-Grow Oyster Mushroom Kit

$45.00 Qty:
Includes: Growing bag of mushroom food, spawn, instructions - all the work is done, just watch the mushrooms grow from these GMO free mini farms. All over fruiting for good size repeat harvests.

Oyster Mushroom Twin Starter Kit

$75.00 Qty:
Includes: 2x Growing bags of mushroom food, 2 x spawn, instructions - one for you and one for a friend! Let us know if you need two sets of instructions.

Oyster Mushroom Four Kit

$100.00 Qty:
Includes: 4 x Growing bags of mushroom food, spawn, instructions - Great for setting up a regular supply over a long period. Try this as part of your gardening cycle. Tasty food for you to eat or sell, then great mulch for the garden or compost.

Oyster Mushroom Dowels x 50

$20.00 Qty:
Includes: 50 Dowels - enough to inoculate 1-2 logs

Oyster Mushroom Dowels x 100

$30.00 Qty:
Includes: 100 Dowels - enough to inoculate 4-5 logs

Oyster Mushroom Dowels x 500

$100.00 Qty:
Includes: 500 Dowels - enough to inoculate 16-20 logs

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“ it's been fun to grow and eat the mushrooms so thank you very much- KB 2021 The EasyGrow Shiitake sawdust log Great kits and I have been using a bunch of them already. =) Hi guys, parcel arrived this morning. Thanks for the awesome service. Have a merry xmas. Cheers KF Oamaru-.... Just wanted to let you know that my mushroom kit is a great success. I have oyster mushrooms sprouting all over the bag. Really pleased. Cristine Paraparaumu-.... ....I have found the course information fantastic and really easy to follow. AP 2019 ..... thanks for the advice. With 3 nights in the fridge the mushrooms started to grow an the 5th day. The first flush was sufficient for 3 meals. Flavour: excellent. Will now try the transfer method for a new culture and get the second flush started. G+W Charteris Bay.... Hi Tim I have been meaning to say thanks for the mushroom kit. Quite a bit of work but fascinating to see them grow over the winter under our sink and ended up having a good feed. Warm wishes Jack H Lower Hutt .... Hi Tim, I just wanted to say Ive had a chance to play with that new culture and its growing happy and healthy and clean! Thank you so much again for all the effort you put in, its greatly appreciated. Cheers, CS Ellerslie .... hi another order,, the first order you sent is going excellent , so ive decided to try another sort.. .excellent easy to deal with.. rapt dealing with your products...excellent as always. NH Paeroa-.... The mycelium was very quick to colonise the bag, and the fruits were huge AS Auckland-... Hi Tim, I am thoroughly enjoying the small business course. I spent the weekend getting my shed cleaned up and ready..SL 2019

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