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We offer a small business course that is focussed around giving you the skills to turn readily available ‘waste’ products into a profitable enterprise and have a mulch or compost to use or sell at the end!
Start your own Mushroom business!

You can set everything up, grow and sell in under 4 weeks! Growing fungi as a business offers low input costs and high profit margins. Your study is based on a 6m x 2.2m growing area — the size of a shipping container, but almost any spare area can be quickly established to grow edible fungi following the straight forward course directions.

Start with oyster mushrooms — learn the techniques, develop your market, then start another variety. The course covers Oyster, Shiitake and Field mushrooms. Topics covered include:

  • How to set up a growing area
  • How to prepare the materials and ingredients to grow
  • How to care for your fungi and maximise production
  • How to harvest and store the final product for sale

The course is based on a non-chemical approach. Oyster and shiitake use no manure. Production is smell free, you can grow them anywhere!

Learn now, grow at your pace: supply markets, restaurants, shops or sell at your gate.

Get in touch now by phoning 021 8 FUNGI (021 838644) or through our contact form to get your small business started!